POP UP // Piamundo & Zoltner Wolf Textiles

hosted by Eva Bräutigam

Shop: Modern Design | Handmade  

Design brands Piamundo + Zoltner Wolf Textiles come together to present their pieces in Eva Bräutigam’s Atelier in Zurich for a PopUp shop. All three brands share a common passion, to celebrate traditional hand craft in the modern design world. Stop by to shop a unique collection of contemporary fashion and home accessories handmade by modern artisans.

Cocktails are provided by Fair, which is and independent Spirits brand, dedicated to hight quality products that are sourced ethically and sustainably.

Piamundo is a curated collection of home objects from Mexico.

Born out of the belief that we should surround ourselves with objects that have soul and tell a story, the collection is a mixture of handmade artisan, designer and artist pieces. Many of them are one-of-a-kind objects and made in small productions. Piamundo strives to highlight the diversity in Mexican design and its deep artisanal and traditional roots. http://www.piamundo.com/

As seen in Dezeen Magazine

About Piamundo’s founder :

Growing up in Switzerland, travel and exploring different places were a big part of Kathrin’s life and helped inform her worldview and nourished her curiosity to learn from other cultures.

Inspired by her father’s hobby, she applied for a photography apprenticeship in Zurich, which shaped her artistic soul and was the beginning of her creative career. Moving to New York City in her early twenties was the catalyst she needed to explore the extraordinary fusion of cultures and ethnicities surrounding her and seemed like a natural extension of her previous travels.

Living and working in NYC metro area for the past 17 years has exposed Kathrin to so many different types of people and career paths - from Set Design and Visual Display to Event Planning and Photo/Film Production. All of these experiences have led to her most personal endeavor yet—the launch of Piamundo.

Zoltner Wolf Textiles is a boutique, handwoven textile studio based in Jersey City, NJ.  Made entirely by hand from fine silk, contemporary handweaver Jillian Zoltner Wolf creates one of a kind luxury accessories. https://www.zoltnerwolf.com/

About Zoltner Wolf’s founder:

After nearly a decade of balancing a career working in the luxury interior design world by day and weaving by night, textile artist Jillian Wolf launched her own studio, Zoltner Wolf Textiles in 2017.

Jillian began weaving while pursuing her BFA in Fibers from Savannah College of Art and Design. Learning the intricate process is tedious and requires practiced patience and meticulous attention to detail. But to look around this New Jersey native’s home she shares with her husband, you will find that the magic is in the details. Each room dotted with quiet, unexpected treasures, each thing lovingly placed, and in the middle of it all, sits a beautiful floor loom. Falling in love with the hours of quiet, meditative repetition, practiced by centuries of weavers before her, Jillian is proud to breathe new life into a traditional craft.

The focus of her current work revolves around color theory, creating pattern and composition through the interactions of color.  Her background working in NYC, surrounded by magnificent interiors, modern showrooms, galleries and historic homes had a profound impact on her work. Drawing inspiration from different eras of art and design, she creates color palettes that reference a timeless glamour.  Each piece is made entirely by hand in her studio. Beginning as cones of gleaming silk thread, each step is carefully planned and executed. After countless hours of painstaking work, the final product is revealed; a one of a kind, contemporary heirloom.

Eva Bräutigam

Schon beim Eintreten spürt man es sofort – In Eva Bräutigams Atelier ist traditionelles Können im Hier und Jetzt angekommen.

Eva Bräutigam lebt ein Handwerk, das in der Schweiz nur noch eine Handvoll Menschen in der erforderlichen Meisterschaft beherrschen. Sie begeistert mit feinmassgeschneiderten Einzelstücken, mit Masskonfektion der Extraklasse und mit einer umfassenden Auswahl bester Materialien.

Handarbeit in Perfektion.