I founded Piamundo in 2015 to follow my passions for travel, beautiful objects and unique culture of Mexico. 

The origin of the name Piamundo is personal to me as my middle name is Pia, and mundo means world in Spanish. The combination of these two words seemed like a natural fit for me and the philosophy of the brand, that was born out of the longing to live a more purposeful life.

During my first visit to Mexico in 2008, I immediately fell in love with the people, the food, but mostly the architecture and design. 

What I admire about Mexican design is the deep commitment to preserving and celebrating tradition and bringing it into the modern world with collaborations between different generations, designers and artisans.

What inspires me is the rich cultural tradition of Mexico and the diversity in design that I strive to expose others to through my passion - Piamundo.

In addition to offering a curated collection, I collaborate with interior designers, chefs, restaurant and hotel owners on creating spaces filled with unique design objects of rich heritage.