Piamundo was founded by Kathrin Schmidiger Torres in 2015 to follow her passions for travel, beautiful objects and doing good for the world. The company was born out of the belief that we should surround ourselves with objects that have soul and tell a story. Piamundo is devoted to preserving and nurturing artisans, artists and designers and supporting local communities.

The origin of the name Piamundo is personal for Kathrin. Pia is her middle name and mundo means world in Spanish. The combination of these two words seemed like a natural fit for Kathrin and the philosophy of the brand that was born out of the longing to live a more purposeful life.

In 2008, Kathrin visited Mexico for the first time and immediately fell in love with the people, the food, the architecture and especially the design. She’s been back countless times since and always leaves with a new array of unique home objects. What Kathrin admires most about Mexican design is the deep commitment to preserving and celebrating tradition. It’s this rich cultural heritage that she hopes to expose others to through Piamundo.

Growing up in Switzerland, travel and exploring different places were a big part of Kathrin’s life and helped inform her worldview and nourished her curiosity to learn from other cultures. Moving to New York City in her early twenties was the catalyst she needed to explore the extraordinary fusion of cultures and ethnicities surrounding her and seemed like a natural extension of her previous travels.

Living and working in New York City for the past 17 years has exposed Kathrin to so many different types of people and career paths - from Set Design and Visual Display to Event Planning and Photo/Film Production. All of these experiences have led to her most personal endeavor yet—the launch of Piamundo.